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In this post: Aphrodite’s Rock, the most educated cats, and Cyprus travel resources from general information about life on the island to list of hospitals to utilities and everything in between.

What Cyprus is famous for? The most common answer is that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and eternal youth, was born there.

The place where she allegedly arose from the seafoam is appropriately called Aphrodite’s Rock now. It boasts some of the most amazing sunsets on the island.

Sunset over Aphrodite Hills
Sunset over Aphrodite Hills

However, there is another interesting thing about this Mediterranean island.

Cyprus is the feline kingdom. They are not your ordinary domesticated cats. No. They are independent creatures that proudly carry their tales high and may not even pay attention to you, unless, of course, you accidentally have a delicious treat in your hand.

Cats of Cyprus
On Greek-speaking island even cats know what π is

This furry trio surpassed all expectations by forming a perfect π. Come to think of it, π is the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. Does this mean that these cats could read?

Do you, like us, love the land of most educated cats or just slow travel through Cyprus or planning to enjoy its fabulous beaches?

Here we have a few helpful links to make your visit to this Mediterranean island less stressful. BTW, if you know any other useful resources, drop us a note or comment below. We will review and add them here too. Happy travels!

Cyprus General Info

  • Cyprus Overview (European Union website)
  • Cyprus – useful info from the US Department of State Website
  • Cyprus Background Notes – from the US Department of State
  • Cyprus Profile – as the name suggests, information about the island, history, statistical data, etc…
  • Cyprus Life – an informative website by British ex-pat
  • Cyprus Forum – an independent discussion forum that allows people to freely and anonymously express their opinion and debate issues on a wide variety of subjects
  • Living in Cyprus – everything you need for life in Cyprus: local information you can trust (includes forum, classifieds, general info, etc)
  • Cyprus Travel Secrets – insider guide to the best things in Cyprus
  • Big Cyprus – information about Cyprus by location, type of business or destination
  • – Find and Share the Best of Cyprus! – started as an online resource for international students
  • Useful Phrases in Greek (from
  • Cyprus Island – private website, content is not associated with any government agency
  • Cyprus Travel Information (The Basetrip website)
  • Cost of living in Cyprus (from Numbeo)
  • Paphos People – community, information and discussion board

Cyprus History

Cyprus Government


Communications (Prepaid Sim Cards, etc)

Health and Medical



News & Culture

Real Estate


Coworking Spaces


Utilities and such

Cyprus Street Art

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Published: June 2016. Last update: July 2019

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Cyprus Travel Resources
Cyprus Online Travel Resources

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4 thoughts on “Cyprus Online Travel Resources”

  1. There are cats all over the place you can see them running around the busy streets , during my short stay I noticed few cats that were ran over.

  2. Fabulous Elena, really smashing stuff. We loved our stay in Nicosia about a year ago. We also hit Paphos for a few days to enjoy the beach and the beautiful relics. Cyprus is a gem. The European country that few folks visit when doing their Euro tour.


    • Thank you, Ryan :). We loved Cyprus too. Funny thing that in three months there couldn’t find time to visit Nicosia. Definitely, coming back there one day.

      • Yep Nicosia was pretty neat and pretty basic too 😉 Most fascinating part of the city is the border between Turkish Cyprus and the other Cyprus. Last major city with a fence/border, since the Berlin Wall was destroyed decades ago.


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