Thailand Travel Resources from Chiang Mai to Phuket

Thailand Travel Resources, not just another travel guide

Here are some Thailand Travel Resources that helped us to enjoy the Land of Smiles.

Thailand online travel resources

It all started in 2013 when we came to Chiang Mai as newbie digital nomads. It was our first stop in a new role as long-term travelers. Unsurprisingly, I felt lost about many aspects of our chosen lifestyle. Naturally, I turned to the all-knowing Internet in a quest to find answers.

Lo and behold, I accumulated an impressive spreadsheet of links. It became the foundation of Thailand Travel Resources. Since then, we came to Thailand again – this time to the South. Hence, it led to an expansion called Southern Thailand Travel Resources. Nevertheless, Chiang Mai Travel Resources still remain the main focus of this list.

Admittedly, this is not a travel guide, and there are no tourist attractions here, but a collection of helpful links (collectively called Thailand Travel Resources) that you may find useful while staying and traveling through the country.

Initially focused on Chiang Mai, the capital of Northern Thailand, we expanded and updated our Thailand Travel Resources to include the southern part of the country. Surely, we continuously keep a keen eye on finding and adding new information to our Thailand Travel Resources.

Every trip begins with research. That’s where our worldwide Travel Resources shine. Sorted out what you must do before leaving? Travel Planning is next.

Jump to Chiang Mai Travel Resources

Thailand Travel Resources » Visa Info

Thailand Travel Resources » Transportation

Thailand Travel Resources » VPN (why do you need it, what to try, what to avoid)

Thailand Travel Resources » Shopping

  • Lazada – online shopping. Amazon counterpart in Thailand
  • Big C – check if they deliver to your location first

Thailand Travel Resources » Traveling with Dogs and/or other Pets

Thailand Travel Resources » Everything and Anything

Southern Thailand

Southern Thailand Travel Resources » Transportation

Southern Thailand Travel Resources » Accommodations

  • Vauban Real Estate
  • The Hillside of Krabi – we lived in this amazing house. The best testament to the place is that after two months of staying there we didn’t want to leave. If you are contemplating a long-term visit to Krabi, consider this accommodation is your best bet.

Thailand Travel Resources » Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

General Info

  • I ♥ Chiang Maimembers only (private group) – excellent source of information about Chiang Mai, but you have to tolerate some snarky remarks
  • FB Group – is Chiang Mai’s Most Complete Events Calendar. This Facebook group is to highlight some of the events, and also to allow members to share upcoming events
  • Chiang Mai Digital Nomads (CMDN) FB group –  (serious (aka business-related) conversations)
  • The Break Room by CMDN FB group – where to stay in CM, bike rentals, social scene, food, sports, visas etc.
  • ThaiVisa Chiang Mai Forum – everyone recommends this forum, but you have to have really thick skin to participate
  • Chiang Mai, Buy, Sell, Swap – well, as name implies…
  • Open Chiang Mai – this website is definitely tourist-oriented, but it could be a useful thing sometimes
  • Chiang Mai Locator – has more than 7,000 (!) businesses listed with exact location, description and pictures. Moreover, no other website offers such detailed and extensive information. Conversely, Google Maps is often incorrect because many Thai shop owners don’t know how to read a map, and TripAdvisor tends to be dominated by short-term tourists


English Speaking Hair Salons

Food Delivery and Eating Out

  • Meals on Wheels 4U – great service, albeit rather convoluted interface. Happily ordering from them all the time. Tip: Friday nights can be very busy and waiting time increases to 90+ min
  • FoodPanda – They deliver in other cities too, so choose Chiang Mai first 🙂
  • The Pizza Company – delivery is available in many Thailand locations
  • Eating out in Chiang Mai – places to go to and places to avoid
  • our favorite places to eat dinner and lunch respectively: Misone and Excellent Flavor


Real Estate Agencies

Chiang Mai Condos and Managed Apartments Websites

Internet Providers


Learning Thai


Shopping: Groceries and Household

Thai-speaking Guide/Assistant in Chiang Mai

  • Khun Nui – from Chiang Mai, fluent in English, and has a few clients for whom she works as an assistant. Contact: 089 851 1973 or [email protected]
  • Rung – works with tourists. Contact: 093 257 2477


(check the general Transportation section above for documents’ requirements for cars and motorbikes rentals in Thailand)

  • Chiang Mai Airport Guide
  • Chiang Mai Airport by Sleeping in Airports
  • Green Bus
  • Grab replaced Uber in Thailand in April 2018
  • Taxi-Meter Chiang Mai – from personal experience: excellent service, on-time (even at 4:00 in the morning when I needed a ride to the airport). At the same time, with Grab coming to Chiang Mai, you may think twice (and go with Grab) before using this service.
  • Mangobikes – motorbikes for rent. Owner: Mark O’Brien ( also, Mangobikes on FB)
  • Cat Motors (formerly Chiang Mai Scooter Rental)- or check them on Facebook or read reviews on TripAdvisor.
  • Red Ride – english speaking drivers; dependable and will pick you up at your door. Contact: 089 954 6001
  • Rung – she drives a nice new mid-sized car; price is reasonable. Contact: 093 257 2477
  • Yai – drives Tuk-Tuk, speak slowly and clearly. Contact: 097 124 7090

Chiang Mai Co-working Spaces (beware of legal implications)

Northern Thailand Travel Resources » Miscellaneous

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Published: May 2015. Last update: December 2019

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Chiang Mai and Thailand online travel resources
We spent half a year in Northern Thailand. We lived in Chiang Mai and visited different places near and far. Here are some online travel resources that we used to make our life more enjoyable in this beautiful country.

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21 thoughts on “Thailand Travel Resources from Chiang Mai to Phuket”

    • Hi Lewis, you should apply for a visa at the Royal Thai Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria. For more information regarding visa requirements, fees and what documents to bring with you, contact the Royal Thai Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria at e-mail: [email protected]. Hope this helps. Cheers!

  1. That’s a solid list. Good job! I use many of the listings for years now! Perhaps you could have a look at This website and app recommends travelers the best local food in their area. Thailand has so much more to offer than only Pad Thai and Fried Rice. The app is perfect for people who have not much knowledge about the Thai cuisine and DO want to try local food, as it is part of exploring the local culture.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for heads up – Cat Motors had been added to the list :). Actually, I remember walking by your shop back when it was still called Scooter Rentals. Cheers!

  2. I love your guide on Chiang Mai, lived there for several months and I know how handy it is to have something like this when accustoming to a new destination.

  3. greetings my dearest,my name is remmy,am looking for market in thailand for precious stones,especially emerald,i have heard and seen a lots of people taking precious stones to thailand,everytime i ask them to know the areas,and adress or contact for me to penetrate the market,they can not give me,i have tried on my own but i have failed,today i have just come to this site by lucky,that is why i decided to write to any body in a position of help,just by giving me contact numbers,or e-mail so that i get in touch,

  4. Thanks for the great post. I tried going to the link you posted for the I Love Chiang Mai Facebook group, but I get a message, “The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.”


    • Hi, Kevin. Apparently, you were getting this message ( “The page you requested cannot be displayed right now…” ) because I ♥ Chiang May used to be a secret group. Do not ask me why the group admins felt that it should be secret in the first place. Facebook do not show secret groups to non-members, but instead, display the message that page does not exist. As of today, Dec 17th, the group’s status has changed to closed. From now on, if you follow the link you should see the group and can request to become a member.

  5. Rimping! One of our fave foreign supermarkets on earth! Awesome list 😉

    Talk about a taste of home. We lived in Chiang Mai Riverside condo for like 8 months all together. We’d walk all the way down Chiang Mai Lamphun Road to get our cardio, then we’d pick up some of our fave treats, then, off to the condo again. Awesome cardio, awesome selection, and the Ping River view was pretty too. We love CM; may be our fave city on earth for its mix of Thai culture, creature comforts and dirt cheap cost of living. We feel its the ultimate travel spot for so many reasons, especially where we stay, which has a strong Thai feel to the neighborhood.

    Thanks Elena for the awesome share!


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