Netherlands and Amsterdam: Online Travel Resources

Amsterdam Online Travel Resources roots go back to a… hmm… somewhat smelly problem. Into our second week in the Dutch capital, we run out of clean clothes. A task of finding a laundromat suddenly became a number one priority. Naturally, Google came to the rescue.

Amsterdam online travel resources
You know how it goes: one link after another, I got a few ideas for where to eat, how to use public transportation and even how to find a doctor. Alas, Amsterdam Online Travel Resources was born. By the way, online refers to the fact that all listed services have websites where the curious visitor can find more information.

Below, are a few helpful links to make your visit to Amsterdam or trip to the Netherlands less stressful. If you know any other useful resources, drop us a note or comment below. We will review and add them here too. Happy travels!

Netherlands Travel Resources » General info

Netherlands Travel Resources » Visa Info

Netherlands Travel Resources » Communications (Prepaid Sim Cards, etc)

Netherlands and Amsterdam Travel Resources » Transportation

Netherlands and Amsterdam Travel Resources » Health & Medical

Netherlands Travel Resources » Where to eat

  • IENS – the largest online restaurant review guide in the Netherlands. Generally, more than four thousand of new reviews added every week

Netherlands Travel Resources » Tourism & Sightseeing


Amsterdam Travel Resources » General Info

Amsterdam Travel Resources » Tourism & Sightseeing

Trip planning makes you jittery? Relax! This step-by-step Three Days in Amsterdam Itinerary has everything you need.


Amsterdam Travel Resources » Transportation

Amsterdam Travel Resources » Where to eat

Did I mention that Café-Restaurant Amsterdam is our favorite? Want to know why? Read our review and tell us if you agree.

Amsterdam Travel Resources » Laundry services

  • Dobbi – running out of clean clothes? They pick up and deliver at home, office or hotel.
  • Powders Launderette – the name says it all.

Amsterdam Travel Resources » News & Culture

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Published January 2015. Last updated February 2019.

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Amsterdam Online Travel Resources
Netherlands and Amsterdam Online Travel Resources

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