Georgia and Tbilisi: Online Travel Resources

A few helpful links to make your visit to Tbilisi or trip to Georgia less stressful. Besides, if you know any other useful resources, drop us a note or comment below. Consequently, we will review and add them here too. Happy travels!

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia
Our US friends and even Google knowingly nod “Ah, you are going to the last of the original Thirteen Colonies.” Nope. In fact, we are talking about Georgia country, not Georgia state.

So, where the heck is Georgia? It is a tiny fiercely independent country located at the intersection of Europe and Asia and a former Soviet republic. Equally important, Georgian history had been heavily influenced by the fact that it is situated on the famous Silk Road.

Every trip begins with research. That’s where our worldwide Travel Resources shine. Sorted out what you must do before leaving? Travel Planning is next.

Georgia and Tbilisi Travel Resources » General Info

Georgia and Tbilisi Travel Resources » Visa Info

Georgia and Tbilisi Travel Resources » Transportation

Georgia and Tbilisi Travel Resources » Communications, SIM Cards

Tbilisi Travel Resources » Co-working

Georgia and Tbilisi Travel Resources » News & Media

  • – an independent media outlet owned by the UN Association of Georgia covering Georgia-related news
  • Georgia Today – an independent English-language newspaper; two bi-weekly editions: a Friday Georgia Today newspaper covering Politics, Society and Culture, and a Tuesday GT Business edition focused on Business, Economics and Law
  • Georgian Journal – an English-language website serving both English-speaking audiences in Georgia and abroad with breaking stories and with features relevant to the English speaking community.
  • Georgia News (
  • RFE/RL’s Georgian Service: Radio Tavisupleba – Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Georgian Service is widely regarded as the only objective and unbiased source of information in Georgia, where the government still retains a firm grip on media.

Drinking Tap Water in Georgia Warning

There is a discrepancy in reports regarding drinking water in Georgia.Locals say that the tap water is safe to drink. Indeed, Georgians have been drinking it their entire lives and developed an immunity to certain bacteria strains.

However, diarrheal diseases (i.e., salmonellosis, shigellosis, and giardiasis) are relatively common even among locals. Georgians have frequent bouts of diarrhea and consider it normal, that is why they don’t mention it.

You might get lucky… or not 🙁 Therefore, better be safe than sorry.

Just assume that for a foreigner it is not safe to drink the tap water in Georgia.

Tbilisi Travel Resources » Health & Medical

  • 112 – the number for Tbilisi city ambulance (note: the dispatcher speaks Georgian and Russian, but will transfer a call to an English-speaking operator)
  • Medical Information from the US Embassy website
  • MediClub Georgia – offers a comprehensive, flexible, international-standard medical care 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • CITO – (in Georgian only) provides international standard out-patient medical care
  • IMSS Clinic – medical service designed to give “Western Standard Medical Services” for private and corporate clients. The clinic is managed by Dr Mike McCarthy and his team of Western trained medical staff. TB NOTE: when I managed to get an infection in Tbilisi, I went to this clinic. It was an Ok experience
  • Javrishvili Eye Clinic
  • HBI-Dentimplant – German-Georgian Clinic (Dental services)

Georgia and Tbilisi Travel Resources » Utilities and such

  • GWP – Georgian Water and Power(water services); services Tbilisi
  • UWSCG – United Water Supply Company of Georgia

Georgia Travel Resources » Tourism and Sightseeing

Read about how we spent a day hiking Mtirala National Park and follow us through the maze of Tbilisi’s old streets.

Have a tip? Drop us a note or comment below. We will review and add them here too. Happy travels!

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Published: October 2016. Last update: August 2019

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Georgia and Tbilisi Online Travel Resources
Georgia and Tbilisi Online Travel Resources

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