Travel Resources For Your Next Trip

Travel resources. Have you ever wished to have a virtual one-stop shop for all your trip planning needs?

Online travel resources
6+ years on the road taught me that it is an unattainable dream which is an absolute necessity. Planning your next journey once is fun for the first time. Doing it routinely calls for some automation or, at least, for some easily reachable reputable resources. Nowadays, the almighty internet seemingly can answer any question. Whether you can trust those answers is a different story. Soon, I started to put aside tried-and-true sources of information. So next time when I need a ride from the airport or have to apply for a Vietnamese visa, I pull a link from my collection, the one I tried before, instead of losing precious time while scouting the web again and again. Today, I am sharing these resources here.

Voilà! Things you want to know, but not sure who to ask. You can find many answers here.


Are you struggling to stay fit while traveling? Read about the secret that keeps me in shape on the road.


🎁 Long-Distance Gifts – if you travel, I bet at least once you found yourself in this situation. Christmas or your best friend’s birthday is just around the corner, but you are thousands of miles away panicking about gifts. Learn about a minimalist approach to long-distance gifts; gifts on a mission; flashback: how we dealt with long distance gifts in good old 2015 (and the links still work).

🚑 Medical Insurance For Travelers and Other Health Resources – what a US long-term traveler should know about health insurance. International health insurance vs. travel insurance. Health and Travel online resources.

🧰 Technology Resources – after years on the road, we amassed a list of tools that we use while working + traveling (VPN, CDN, and other puzzling abbreviations).

🗺 Travel Planning – before you go. Tickets and accommodations. Solo travel. Travel with kids. Do’s and don’ts around the world. Travel forums and communities.

Traveling the world brings you in contact with a lot of people. Some just passersby, others become friends for a day, for a year or for a lifetime. Some are colorful characters, others are quietly charming. One member of the ever-growing tribe of location independent entrepreneurs stands out. His unyielding enthusiasm and abundant energy are electrifying. If you are on the brink of leaving behind conventional boredom of 9-to-5 lifestyle and ready to embrace slow travel with a dream of becoming a blogger, his book, Blogging From Paradise, is for you. Bon voyage!

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Travel Resources
Travel Resources

3 thoughts on “Travel Resources For Your Next Trip”

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  2. Excellent resources Elena. That Chiang Mai one would be popular I am sure. We left CM 3 weeks ago. Big travel hub with tourists and digital nomads aplenty littering the town and surrounding villages. We lived in Pong Noi, 15 minutes away, by Doi Suthep National Park. Loved it!


    • Thank you, Ryan :). I have a soft spot for Chiang Mai too. It was a first destination for us as digital nomads years ago. Half a year there flew too quickly.

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