Safety Tips in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Safety Tips

Costa Rica has a long tradition of stable democracy, has not had military since 1948, and prides itself on its peaceful nature. However, like any popular destination, the country is … Read more

Playa Tortuga Sans Turtles

Playa Tortuga in Costa Rica

Playa Tortuga is somewhat hidden in plain sight. Partially obscured by lush vegetation, a road sign points toward an unpaved road that promptly disappears behind the trees. A short drive … Read more

Discovering The Real Costa Rica

The real Costa Rica

Close your eyes and say Costa Rica. I bet, the first picture that comes to mind would be of sandy beaches or, perhaps, zipping through the rain forest jungle full … Read more

Uruguay Online Travel Resources

Uruguay Travel Resources

Updated January, 2018 In this post: cows vs. people, yerba mate, and Uruguay travel resources from general information about life on the island to list of hospitals to utilities and … Read more

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