Playa Tortuga Sans Turtles

Playa Tortuga is somewhat hidden in plain sight. Partially obscured by lush vegetation, a road sign points toward an unpaved road that promptly disappears behind the trees. A short drive through thick bush ends when the road morphs into fine sand. Voilà! Welcome to Playa Tortuga (a.k.a. Turtle Beach).

Playa Tortuga (Turtle Beach)
Playa Tortuga (Turtle Beach)

By accident, we picked the perfect timing for a visit. After days of various degrees of rain, the sun hesitantly poked through heavy clouds first and immediately started expanding territory. By the time we parked the car next to the ominous sign warning about strong currents, the beach was basking in the afternoon sun. The tide was at its lowest point making the beach almost 3 times wider.

Arguably, there are better spots around for swimming or surfing. The strong ocean currents and lack of shade spook majority of beachgoers. The main draw of Playa Tortuga is its stunning scenery. The glittering expanse of fine sand paired with intricate fabric of endless waves with a backdrop of rocky coast covered with green forest… This is the photographer’s dream.

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