Slow Travel Through Bulgaria

Three months in Bulgaria went by like one week: there was so much to see, taste and discover.

Bulgarian countryside
Bulgarian countryside

We spent most of the time in Sofia with shorter trips around the country venturing as far as the Black Sea. We came at the height of the tourist season when Sofia was basking in the sun and full of tourists. We witnessed the first snow and survived some freezing nights. We left when the steady rain took over the city in preparations for real winter.

Throughout our stay, we enjoyed the generosity of wonderful Bulgarian people. There is a saying that goes something like this: the poorer the nation, the more hospitable its people. Bulgaria is the proof of that. It went through some hard times in the recent years. The economy is not in the best shape at present. Walking through Sofia’s streets reveals some impressive buildings, amazing parks, beautiful churches reminding of more glorious past, but falling into some disrepair. Nevertheless, the people were always ready to share the best they had: the knowledge, the food, the smile, the warmth of their hearts.

Man in Plovdiv
Found in Plovdiv: the old man who listens and smiles

Three short months were not nearly enough to explore the rich and tangled Bulgarian history; to visit at least half of numerous Sofia’s theaters and museums; to taste little-known Bulgarian wines or enjoy delicious local cuisine. Доскоро!

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4 thoughts on “Slow Travel Through Bulgaria”

  1. Hi Elena,

    I have found that too; as the net worth drops, the happiness level increases. In many lands. Westerners make more money typically but are still learning how to live. I recall telling our tax driver in Bali this; he noted how Balinese can learn from Americans how to make money and I told him Americans need to learn from Balinese how to live LOL.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Thanks, Laura :). Bulgaria is a wonderful country: warm caring people, fascinating culture, amazing food. Simply put – you have to go there.

  2. Hey guys, you’ve had some very interesting experiences 🙂 I’m very glad they were, as it seems, all possitive! There are indeed a lot of places and reasons to visit Bulgaria, those are just a few:
    Glad you enjoyed your stay!
    Cheers, N.

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