Hospitals and Medical Emergency in Costa Rica

From personal experience, the emergency room in Clinica Biblica Hospital is excellent. The staff speaks very good English, facilities are modern and well-organized, the service is efficient and adequate.

Clinica Biblica Hospital
Clinica Biblica Hospital proudly displays some international recognition achievements

Most hospitals will require upfront payment (paying by credit card is acceptable in some hospitals in San José, but there might be a surcharge). US medical insurance is not always accepted.

There is an interesting recommendation from the US Embassy: consider purchasing private air medical insurance before traveling to Costa Rica. We didn’t do it, and I have no idea how one can buy it. This is Costa Rica Medical Response website where you might find more information.

The main emergency number in Costa Rica is 911.

Air Ambulance Services (private) by  Costa Rica Medical Response (CRMR) – 2286-1818, 2286-4848 or use the online form on their website. Provide your name, phone number, the route or destination of the medical transport, and the condition of the patient.

Additional phone numbers:

La Fortuna – 2479-8911
Monteverde Area – 2645-7778

CRMR offers payments either by cash, credit card rate or bank transfer. You can even pay after the emergency.

List of Local Hospitals and Clinics with Contact Information recommended by the US Embassy

San José

  • Clinica Biblica Hospital (private) – 2522 1000 / 2522 1030 (emergencies)
  • CIMA Hospital (private) – 2208-1000
  • Hospital Mexico – 2242-6700
  • Hospital Calderon Guardia – 2212-1000
  • National Children’s Hospital – 2523-3600
  • Hospital Clínica Católica (private) – 2246 3000 / 800 2286 5488 (emergencies)
  • Hospital Metropolitano (private) – 2521-9595 (main office)


Hospital Monseñor Sanabria – 2630-8000


Tony Facio Hospital – 2758-2222


Enrique Baltodano Hospital – 2690-2300

Ciudad Nelly (close to Panama)

Hospital Ciudad Nelly – 2785-9600


Hospital Anexion – 2685-8400

Los Chiles

Hospital Los Chiles – 2471-2000

San Carlos

Hospital de San Carlos – 2460-1176


Hospital Maximiliano Peralta Jimenez – 2550-1999

Perez Zeledon

Hospital Escalante Padilla – 2785-0700


Hospital San Rafael de Alajuela – 2436-1001


Hospital San Vicente de Paul – 2562-8100

For more phone numbers of hospitals and clinics in Costa Rica check this list.

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