Luggage Selfie

Conversation at an airport’s check-in counter: Airline agent: You have connected flight. Make sure your luggage is on a plane at your connection. Airline Passenger: How can I do it? … Read more

10 Of The Most Accessible Holidays

Accessible Holidays

Enjoy a worry-free holiday For people living with a disability, going on holiday can be a stressful experience. We’ve rounded up some of the top accessible and disability-friendly locations, to … Read more

The Very Best of 2015

The Best of 2015

The second full year of our perpetual journey around the world has come to an end. In the last 12 months we passed through 4 continents, 10.5 countries (.5 as … Read more

Long-Distance Gifts

Long Distance Gifts

Updated and extended January 2019 In this post: a minimalist approach to long-distance gifts; gifts on a mission; flashback: how we dealt with long distance gifts in good old 2015 … Read more

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