Playa Tortuga Sans Turtles

Playa Tortuga in Costa Rica

Playa Tortuga is somewhat hidden in plain sight. Partially obscured by lush vegetation, a road sign points toward an unpaved road that promptly disappears behind the trees. A short drive … Read more

Discovering The Real Costa Rica

The real Costa Rica

Close your eyes and say Costa Rica. I bet, the first picture that comes to mind would be of sandy beaches or, perhaps, zipping through the rain forest jungle full … Read more

San Jose Off The Beaten Path

San Jose

San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is often viewed as a drab entry point into the country full of exotic destinations. Half a day on a way out to … Read more

Tico Expressions

Tico Expressions

Costa Ricans or Ticos are friendly and hospitable people who are eager to show their lovely country to visitors. The locals are always ready to help with a smile and … Read more

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