Park Arvi (Parque Arví)

Parque Arví

Park Arvi (Parque Arví) is a huge ecological nature preserve located in the northeast of Medellin.

Nutibara Hill vs. Superman

Superman in Medellin

Looking at Medellin from our apartment’s window, I was intrigued by a splash of green in the middle of cityscape. It is definitely a hill with some tower-like structure at … Read more

Medellin Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens have a long history. In Europe, they date back to ancient Greece. In Americas, the Aztecs, whose empire was established in what is now Mexico in about 1100A.D., … Read more

In Situ: Fine Dining in Medellin

What could be better than a good lunch after exploring a botanical garden? An excellent one! If you happen to visit Jardín Botánico in Medellin, you could get exactly that: … Read more

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