Art or kitsch? Bainbridge frogs

Bainbridge island is a short ferry ride away from Seattle. Quaint and green, it is full of old-time charm mixed with the Northwest laid-back attitude. Some local artists took part … Read more

Seattle Shooting

I am not a morning person, so 9AM usually is the time when I still just starting my day byway of checking email, reading news, thinking about a first cup … Read more

Fun on Jetty Island

Summer is in full swing in Seattle. Sun is ferocious, so spending a day on the water looks very appealing. Since we’ve been in the Emerald City for a while, … Read more

Arenal Hanging Bridges

As it turned out, we made quite a number of short videos. I guess the lure of tech gadgets is irresistible and always in front of your fingertips: just push … Read more

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