Follow Your Nose… I Mean Ear

Outdoor play rehearsal in Sofia

Been a traveler implies possession of prodigious amounts of curiosity. After all, it’s the main reason and the driving force behind any wanderlust. Therefore, hearing the sound of tribal music … Read more

Unexpected Rila Monastery

Rila Monastery

Founded in 10th century by St. Ivan of Rila; the cultural and spiritual center heavily supported and respected by Bulgarian rulers of the past; the depository of cultural and spiritual … Read more

Emona Restaurant in Nessebar

Emona Restaurant, Nessebar, Bulgaria

One thing I really truly miss about Nessebar is Emona restaurant. I did not have high expectations about food scene there. With endless stream of tourists visiting the old town, … Read more

Frescoes in Rila Monastery

Rila Monastery Frescoes

The frescoes of Rila Monastery are the work of many masters, including the famous brothers Zahari and Dimitar Zograf.

Would You Call It a Wall Performance?

On the wall

Everybody is familiar with street performers, right? But how would you call those who perform on the wall? Walking in Plovdiv, we were looking around while everybody else were looking … Read more

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