Follow Your Nose… I Mean Ear

Been a traveler implies possession of prodigious amounts of curiosity. After all, it’s the main reason and the driving force behind any wanderlust. Therefore, hearing the sound of tribal music in the middle of Sofia equaled to how a cat feels about a whiff of catnip: must find the source.

Navigating by the noise, we found ourselves in the courtyard of the Church of St. George (Sveti Georgi Rotunda). Arguably, it is the oldest architectural monument in Sofia and the only building in good repair, intact to the roof, dated as far back as the Roman Empire. This pedigree makes it a perfect backdrop for any theatrical performance. Voilà, enjoy the show.

Evidently, it was a rehearsal. The name of the play would remain a mystery since empty stomachs are not conducive to theatrical explorations. Practical matters took over, and we left in search of dinner.

Rotunda Sveti Georgi Pobedonosets (Church of St. George) on Google Maps:

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