Time for a new adventure?

Fall suddenly flipped the switch. Just last Friday it felt like the balmy day of mid-summer. Blue skies, bright sun, light wind, happy dogs, everybody smiling… Another cup of ice cream, anyone? Then, Saturday came. In less than 12 hours,  summer was forgotten, and  rain and wind ruled the day. Here, you can see it in all it’s fury.

After almost 4 glorious months of endless summer fall is taking over. Is it a sign that time has come for a next adventure? Had we overstayed the hospitality of the West Coast? I guess we had.

Originally, we planned to stay in Seattle for about half a year making it our base for all West Coast explorations, along with some side trips to Hawaii and Europe. It worked out well… until summer. It is difficult to find right words to describe the Northwest summer: even most prolific description would be an understatement. It was so gorgeous that a mere thought of leaving before it would come to an end looked repugnant. So we extended our stay and enjoyed the best summer of our lives.

The overnight switch to the fall weather caught us by complete surprise. The next leg of our slow moving journey, Thailand, is scheduled in a month. So far, it’s been raining on and off for the past 5 days (to be fair, during off times sun was lurking between clouds, but the wind is no longer balmy and warm). Does Seattle want us to pick up on it’s reputation as the rainiest city after unwisely showing its sunnier side?

On the plus side, staying indoors let me go through thousands of photos we made while staying in the Emerald City and, finally, publish some of them and write about our latest adventures.

As a first step in this direction, enjoy some flashbacks from the Pacific Northwest:

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