Street Art in Sofia: Bozko

Bozko, real name Bozhidar Simeonov, is a Bulgarian artist who lives and works in Sofia. Besides street art, he works in illustration, comic books, animation and set design. His characters are easily recognizable and strangely appealing in a morbidly adorable way.

While in Sofia, we stumbled upon just a couple of his street art works. First one is well-known and centrally located…

Bozko in Sofia
Location: 42° 41′ 54.918″, 23° 19′ 17.202″. View on Google Maps

…and the other one is hiding in a residential area

Bozko in Sofia
Location: 42° 41′ 57.42″, 23° 18′ 47.79″. View on Google Maps

This interview with the artist from August 2013, is a candid insight into his mindset, inspirations, and an excellent advice to up-and-coming artists, which is applicable to any profession: Don’t worry about anything, don’t take yourself too seriously, just work a lot and have fun doing it – then everything will be as it’s supposed to.

In September 2014, he had a personal exhibition in Berlin

More about Bozo and his work:

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