Intriguing, bizarre and funny photos

Couple months ago we were walking on Seattle’s Alki beach and snapped this photo.
Alki Beach, Seattle, USEverything seems pretty ordinary: a family having a picnic… except have you noticed their dogs? Remember this saying: I’ll create a diversion and you go for a cake? Well, it immediately sprang to my mind. Every time I am looking at this picture I wonder out of those two who is creating a diversion…

While visiting the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco we spotted this sign.
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, USI like clarity and sometime guilty of lengthy explanations, but this warning is just plainly ridiculous. I guess we should be thankful that we are allowed to breathe there.

Another time, in Fremont neighborhood of Seattle this sign caught our attention
Fremont, Seattle, USBizarrely, there is a Lenin’s statue nearby, so this theater very well could be located west of it.

I was checking photos taken in the past 3 years and realized that we amassed quite a collection of amusing snapshots. What they have in common is that all of them caught our attention with a simple question “What the heck is that?” – sometimes in a positive way, sometimes wondering what the author was smoking. They are humorous, serious, bizarre … To me, they illustrate the diversity of human nature and how different, but still similar humans are around the world.

Check it here.

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