Huay Kaew Waterfall in Pictures

Huay Kaew Waterfall is almost within city limits of Chiang Mai. On a nice winter day, it is an easy pleasant walk past the Chiang Mai University and the Zoo, … Read more

Chiang Mai Zoo

Unless you are a kid, a zoo may not be on a short list of places to visit in most cities. I think it’s a mistake. Arguably, the zoo can … Read more

Internet Blues

In the past month,  our internet connection experience went down from “satisfactory” to… well… complete lack of thereof. It hit the lowest point, out of all times, on Christmas day: … Read more

5 hours in Hong Kong

With a half day layover,  it was impossible to miss the opportunity to explore Hong Kong. We left our backpacks at the airport’s baggage storage which somewhat mysteriously called “Left … Read more

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