Street Art in Sofia: Hidden Treasures

140 Ideas Murals

Researching names of street artists is often daunting and somewhat frustrating. There are highly regarded and internationally known artists whose works are well documented and easily identifiable. However, there are … Read more

Street Art in Sofia, Part 2

Sofia street art part 2

Another day, another bunch of street art photos. This time there are not that many, but some of them are pretty extraordinary. I think I mentioned before that Sofia is … Read more

Street Art in Sofia, Part 1

in Sofia

Sofia is peppered with graffiti: from official buildings in the city center to abandoned construction sites to fences, walls and any other suitable surface in residential areas. Mostly, they are … Read more

Street Art in Kuala Lumpur

Street Art in Kuala Lumpur

Just a day in Kuala Lumpur hasn’t given us enough time to wonder around. Nevertheless, we stumbled upon this lonely figure while walking along Jalan Raja Chulan.

Street Art in Costa Rica

San Jose street art

Long before I became interested in street art, we traveled across Costa Rica. As it happened, among many photos we took on that trip there were 2 with murals from … Read more

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