Buzzcut #3

Arguably, I have the shortest female haircut in Chiang Mai now.

My new haircut: buzzcut #3
My new haircut: buzzcut #3

With daytime temperatures climbing into upper 30s C (38C=100F), practical matters are beginning to outweigh vanity. The last rain was months ago, so it’s not only scorchingly hot, but extremely dusty: leaves changed their colors to uniform brownish grey, cars closely has followed suit, and even with closed windows every surface in the room is covered with a layer of dust.

Venturing for a hike (or even a quick outing for lunch or dinner)? You will need a cold shower by the end of it: not only to wash off the dust, but to cool you down. I becoming overheated easily even with drinking plenty of water and staying in the shade (well, where it’s available anyway), so the shower ritual comes handy up to 3-4 times a day.

At some point, looking in the mirror at my hair filled with salt from sweating outside before the shower and combing it afterwards, I got fed up. Why am I wasting so much time for something that literally lasts just a couple minutes? I have the misfortune of having a very fine hair that tends to go limp even without excessive heat. Naturally, there was only one resolution: cut it. I toyed with the idea of shaving, but, I guess, I am not brave enough… yet… The hottest time is still to come, so who knows what would happen then.

For now, I went with buzzcut #3. I love it. Shower, towel dry and that’s it: my hair looks the only way it is capable of looking. Instantly, I am ready to go. It is liberating and emboldening.

There is a funny side too: it is so soft and glossy that, apparently, it brings an irresistible urge to pet.

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