Firecracking Gratitude

Wat Chalong

How to express your gratitude when your prayer had been answered? Of course by lightning some firecrackers. At least, this is how it’s done in Wat Chalong. Wat Chalong was … Read more

Wat Chet Yot (Seven Spired Temple)

Wat Chet Yot

Wat Chet Yot is my favorite temple in Chiang Mai. It is located outside of the city walls which considerably reduces the amount of wandering tourists. The lush greenery, free-roaming … Read more

Phuket Chronicles: First Dive

First scuba dive

Forget boring sunbathing and explore the underwater world. I was pretty sure that any life form would escape overpopulated Phuket’s waters in a bid to find calmer habitat, but, apparently, … Read more

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